About us

Hi there! We are Natalia and Roman, husband and wife, creators, seekers, entrepreneurs, parents, and founders of True by SANDONO. Several years ago, we were living lives that looked perfect to the outside but which were not our own: Working in well-paid, well-regarded jobs that left little space for potential, authenticity, and creativity; nurturing relationships that made us feel safe yet small; harboring a sense that there had to be more to life than achieving external goals and ticking boxes on a checklist.

We wanted more freedom, connection, and joy in our lives, yet we were unsure how and where to find them.

Our journey led us to found SanDono, a mentoring and coaching company, in 2016, starting a family and exchanging the safety of our life in Switzerland for the wild and bold city of Berlin. These experiences transformed how we approach everything: How we cook, eat, and travel; how we parent and nurture our family; how we relate to each other, other people, and the environment; how we create impact through a value-driven business and as citizens.

We currently live in Einsiedeln, a small and powerful town nestled in the Swiss pre-Alps. We are living a life of our own creation: Untamed, passionate, authentic, and beautiful. And, if there’s one thing we have learned for sure, it’s this: Every life is a unique experiment. There are no strict pathways and no standard recipes: You alone are enough to create a life full of joy, empowerment, and meaning. All it takes is having the courage to show up in the world as who you really are and the willingness to embrace both the shadows and light of your journey.

We have made it our life’s purpose to empower others to create bold, beautiful, joyful lives, careers, and businesses by embracing the power of their authenticity. Or, as we usually say, “Helping seekers become grounded creators”.

Hi there, my name is Natalia.

I am a dentist turned entrepreneur, mentor, teacher, and life-long learner and seeker.

My early professional experiences taught me that, even though everyone is born with a deep sense of purpose and the capacity to create a truly meaningful life, most people choose to stay in professional and personal circumstances that diminish their power and squander their capacity to bring true value into the world. In doing so, they sabotage their own happiness and deprive the world of contributions only they can make.

Determined to do things differently, I followed my heart and exchanged my hometown of Barcelona for Switzerland and the dental office for the corporate world, the non-profit sector, and finally, the entrepreneurial world.

I believe that creating a better world starts with embracing our own life story and discovering our true value. Then and only then will we be able to bring our true gifts into the world where they can make a difference in other people’s lives. Today, I contribute to that vision by empowering men and women to create grounded, authentic career and life paths.

Hello! My name is Roman.

I am a free-thinker, creator, entrepreneur, and genuine leader, mentor & coach.

I believe in a world where businesses and individuals create value from a place of responsibility, vulnerability, and courage. During my professional career, I have led multiple startups and held management positions in companies across different industries. Together with my hunger to find answers to life’s most important questions, this experience makes me a brave leader, caring and open sparring partner, and mentor/coach to both individuals and innovative businesses in search of sustainable growth, purpose, and impact. My greatest satisfaction stems from helping people and companies become successful while upholding the values they stand for.

I believe that life is a paradox and that it is by facing life’s hard questions that we create a path leading to true lightness, happiness, and success. Having an open and curious attitude towards the world, instead of simply accepting the status quo, is key to finding true joy and meaning.

Today, it is my mission and honor to guide brave individuals and value-driven companies in navigating the important questions on their journey and achieving levels of satisfaction and success they had never thought possible.