26. December 2020

The Career Change Masterclass

Do you want to make an impact with your career but are unsure of how? Do you feel undervalued, understimulated, overstimulated, or exhausted by work but can’t figure out how to make a shift? Do you secretly long for more meaning and joy in your life but are afraid of losing financial ground, disappointing your family and friends, or not finding what it is you’re looking for? You’ve got what it takes to make the leap. Join us in the Career Change Masterclass and discover how to unlock your authentic potential and create the life and career you truly want.

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27. December 2020

Coming Soon – The Founder’s Masterclass

Starting a company can be a lonely journey: The uncertainty, limited resources, and pressure to ‘make it’ can take a toll on the most dedicated and talented entrepreneur. It doesn’t have to be that way: The Founder’s Masterclass is your guide and companion through the early stages of starting your company, providing you with clarity, inspiration, hope, and confirmation on your path to success. This semi-live online masterclass discusses a holistic approach to entrepreneurial success. Your personal experiences, wounds, strengths, and weaknesses influence how you hire and trust people, how you approach potential customers and investors, how you manage risk and financial decisions. Therefore, our approach places you as a founder at the center and works towards addressing the unexplored blocks and hurdles on your path to true success.

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