The Essential Parenting Book Club

Parenting. Community. Wine.

For the entire history of humanity, knowledge and wisdom around parenting has been transmitted from generation to generation through communities. Once upon a time, there was no google, no parenting manuals, and no experts to consult. By observing how our parents, neighbours and extended family members raised their children we learned to raise our own. Watching after children was also a community effort, and the results were remarkable: children felt generally loved and safe, and parents were more relaxed and happy than they are now.

Today, many of us are raising our children far away from our families. The fast-pace of modern life means that not even our friends and neighbours are available to us when we need them. As a result, we feel alone, exhausted, and overwhelmed, and often so do our children. Something has gone wrong, and it’s time that we fix it.

It’s time to harness the power of community.

The Essential Parenting Book Club brings together a group of like-valued parents united in their love of their children, a good book, and a glass of wine. In a joyful, relaxed environment we discuss a well-researched parenting book, thus cutting through the noise of bad parenting advice. Most importantly, we share our own parenting experiences, creating bonds that can become life-changing.

Join our next event and enjoy the following benefits

  • Win a free, 60-min life design (ikigai) coaching session with Natalia or Roman Schmid
  • Access to super-early bird discount for our summer 2023 family retreat in Barcelona (with childcare)
  • The cherry on top of the ice cream: connection to a group of like-valued parents who can be there for you thick and thin.

Join us at Tadah, the co-working space for parents on Saturday, April 15th (14.00 to 17.00)

We will be reading ”Hold on To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers”, by Gabor Maté and Gordon Neufeld.

A registration fee of 65 CHF is due upon registration. 

Write an e-mail to to sign up.