We offer individual mentoring for career changers and startup founders in all stages of their journey.

Career Change Mentoring

Are you searching for more meaning and joy in your career, but are unsure of how or where to find it? Have you searched high and low for answers on how to shift careers, but find yourself paralyzed by fear, momentum, or lack of feasible options? Individual career change mentoring offers you an invaluable opportunity to identify what is holding you back from making a change and implementing strategies designed to get you from where you are today to where you truly want to be.

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13. February 2020

The Career Change Masterclass

Do you want to make an impact with your career but are unsure of how? Do you feel undervalued, understimulated, overstimulated, or exhausted by work but can’t figure out how to make a shift? Do you secretly long for more meaning and joy in your life but are afraid of losing financial ground, disappointing your family members, or not finding what it is you’re looking for? You’ve got what it takes to make the leap. Join us in the Career Change Masterclass and discover how to unlock your authentic potential and create the life and career you truly want.

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Founder’s Mentoring

Are you a value-driven entrepreneur who, despite your talent and drive, often feels exhausted and unfulfilled? Our mentoring is designed to help you to stop running on the treadmill of achievement and expectations and start creating from a place of groundedness and authenticity. We believe true entrepreneurial success is born from full vulnerability, authenticity, and courage to show up as ourselves in the world. Therefore, our mentoring approach is holistic, focusing on the founder(s) and addressing the intersection between personal and professional life.

Our mentoring approach addresses four different stages of the entrepreneurial journey:

  • “Find your essence” (Modul 1)
  • “Tell your story” (Modul 2)
  • “Make it happen” (Modul 3)
  • “Grow” (individual)

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