M(other) – The Book Club

Motherhood is intuitive…but not only. For most of us, our motherhood experiences are shaped by the way in which we ourselves were mothered. What if our experiences with our own mother were predominantly negative? The premature death of a parent, abuse, neglect, or having radically misaligned values can mean that when we become parents ourselves, we lack those essential role models, our mothers, to guide us.

M(other) is a book club for moms with unconventional childhoods who want to become ”good” parents, in their own terms. Here ”good” is not meant in absolute terms, but rather as the capacity to meet our children’s needs while still honouring our commitment to ourselves and learning from our childhoods, rather than being defined by them.

On a bimonthly rhythm, we tackle questions such as: What does unconditional love mean, really? Is it possible to honour your own parents and hold them accountable for their shortcomings? How can I ”manufacture” and pass down to my children the love that was never passed down to me?


The next M(other) Book Club will take place in Zurich on Wednesday, February 15th and its topic will be ”Unconditional Love: What is that, really??”. You are invited to bring and share with the group any books that have helped you shed light on the topic of unconditional love for your children.

Spots are limited. The (non-refundable) registration fee is 60 CHF and includes a glass of wine (or two). To sign up, e-mail me at natalia@sandono.ch.